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Rajiv Kandukuri
Indotronix International Corp./Apollo Consulting Services
331 Main St., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Dear Rajiv Kandukuri,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your support and assistance over the last two years. In the ten plus years that I have been a consultant, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with recruiters and HR personnel time and again, none close to your caliber and professionalism.

Your skill in convincing the clients, candidates and senior management to achieve a win-win agreement between all parties is highly commendable. Negotiation is a highly-specialized skill and you excel in it. On both a professional and a personal level, I really appreciate all the time and effort that you put into understanding your candidate’s needs and delivering beyond expectations. I certainly learned a lot about the unique aspects of recruitment processes and HR operations in your part of the world (not to mention the things you taught me about the art of selecting the right crystal).

I once read ‘A players hire A players and B players hire C players’ meaning the good players hire good candidates and OK players hire the not-so-good. In my opinion you are A++ and you have an eye to find the A++.

Keep up the great work and I wish you the very best.

Very sincerely,
Srinivas Uppugonduri CISA®, PMP®, CISSP®
Consultant/Sr. Security Analyst - NYS Worker’s Compensation Board
100 Broadway-Menands, Albany, NY 12241

Rajiv Kandukuri has been my recruiter for the past year and has been very successful in keeping me employed. As my recruiter Rajiv has always been honest and sincere, taking care of my needs as they arise. He stays in constant touch with me making sure that all is well at the client site. Rajiv takes an interest in my day-to-day success assuring me that he is always just a phone call away should I need him. Rajiv always returns my calls in a timely and professional manner. I feel fortunate to have him as my recruiter.
Phyllis Wood
Business Analyst,
American Express, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for all your help and quick action on everything. It is nice to know that I have someone like you on my side. I really respect the way you go above and beyond for me. You not only got me a perfect job with a great company but also offered me more money than what I asked for. I have been a contractor for many years and you stand apart from the others. Thank you again 
Eric L Jones
Network Specialist
Siemens, Mason, OH 

I have been working with Rajiv for the past one and half years, and it’s been a wonderful experience working with him.   As a Technical Recruiter, Rajiv is doing a terrific job and always providing the best support to the consultants and potential recruits.  He answered and returned all my calls promptly whenever I needed help.  Also he mediated and resolved the issues that I had with my client regarding my extended vacation during an emergency family situation that I had and also with my laptop problem.   I worked with several recruiters in the past, I can state clearly that Rajiv was honest, sincere and dedicated in all the things that we worked together.  It's been great knowing and working with him.   

Thanks and Regards,
QA Consultant
Lavanya Sivakumar

Verizon, TX

To: Indotronix International Corp.
Re: Rajiv Kandukuri (Technical Recruiter)
From: Merwyn L. Thompson
To whom it may concern, I would like very much to express my utmost thanks for the job Rajiv Kandukuri did for me in acquiring my current position. He went above and beyond the call of duty considering the time frame and initial job description that was supplied to him by the company in question.

This position originally would not have fit my families needs. However, Rajiv did not give up. He and I spoke many times about alternatives and finally decided to arrange an interview.

Please keep in mind that this was a "cold" call from Rajiv to myself via a resume I posted on the Web. We had never talked before the initial phone call.

In any case, the interview was scheduled by Rajiv and the following Monday I was hired. We have been in constant contact since then, and it's been of tremendous value to be able to call Rajiv with any question I have.

I would also like to take a moment to thank Sumit Bhandari for his help with Payroll. Contract positions (in regards to time cards) can be difficult, but Sumit (via Rajiv) made the process easy.

Best Regards,
Merwyn L. Thompson
EMC - Technical Support Engineer

Hi Rajiv,                                                                                                                        

I'd like to thank you for contacting me regarding the contractor position I now have at EMC in Hopkinton. You explained that I might be over qualified and the position was to work nights, but allowed me to make the choice to interview. I explained that I would be very happy for the opportunity to work at EMC it's a well known company and is in line with the type of work I've been doing for the past 27 years. The possibility that I would have the chance to become a direct employee here is wonderful. Thank you for staying in contact with me to make sure I understand  policies and procedures. Regards,Paul HansonEMC - Technical Support EngineerHi,Rajiv Kandukuri has been a great help finding and working with me to get this contract job with EMC.  He has been professional, thorough and demonstrated experience in all phases of the process.   He kept in contact with me and with the perspective job multiple times a day, which I appreciated.   I had been looking for a job for about 5 months.  Within less than a week of speaking with Rajiv, he had found me the ideal contracting position. I will recommend him to friends seeking similar positions. 
Matthew Muise
EMC - Technical Support Specialist Dear Rajiv

I am writing this letter to thank you personally for all your support, you are an excellent recruiter who helped me find my first job in US three years ago, walked me through all the complicated process and paper work. It is very impressive that you always go above and beyond what I could expect to find some good projects for me, and what you suggested was exactly the one I was looking for.It is true that  I couldn't have succeeded without the kindly support from you. I believe you have set a very good example that will inspire others to do the same.I want to take a moment to let you know I want to convey my special thanks to you, we have been working three years together and I know that it's truly important to me. I sincerely appreciate your efforts for everything!                                                                            

Best Regards,Edward Jin – Sr. UNIX Consultant @ IBM

To Whomsoever It May Concern

Firstly, I would like to thank Rajiv for all the help he extended to me from the day IIC started filing for my H1B visa to secure my professional services in USA. 

Rajiv assisted me in sorting out all the H1B related documentation for my visa processing. His efforts in addressing my visa related queries were commendable. Rajiv not only provided me with valuable support and guidance during these times of distress but also kept motivating me with his positive attitude. He was meticulous and prompt in compiling pertinent information on my case because of which I successfully acquired a visa stamping.

Rajiv’s professionalism lies in the fact that he understands and delivers what his candidates need to excel on their assignments. It was a very smooth sail for me since then, as Rajiv scheduled an interview for me the very first day that I arrived in New York and I landed an excellent project with Accenture working at Bank of America.  He coached me patiently on interview etiquettes and best practices which were very practical and results oriented. 

Furthermore, it was Rajiv who also helped me relocate to Charlotte, NC from Poughkeepsie, NY. I was delighted at the way he handled things making it a hassle free experience. Rajiv is in constant touch with me to address any and all of my career related concerns. He has excellent knowledge of current technology trends, HR industry best practices, customer satisfaction goals and more importantly self-improvement strategies. 

Finally, I want to add that Rajiv enjoys a personal rapport with his consultants to make them feel secure and welcome. Having spent 10 years in IT, I came across several recruiters in the past who were so cocky and chaotic that anyone who has worked in contracting long enough would know exactly what I mean.

On the contrary, I feel Rajiv is an indefatigable professional who works very hard to ensure that you look good in front of your customers. I strongly recommend everyone to seek Rajiv’s recruiting services and to engage him as your career counselor.

Best Regards,
Aravind Babu Ramadugu
Sr. EAI Consultant - TIBCO

"Rajiv is a productive recruiter who found me a great contract with IBM Global Services. His professionalism and deep understanding of IT markets, needs and trends is outstanding."
Tom Chen - Sr. SQL Database Architect


Rajiv Kandukuri is a terrific recruiter to work with. He has been very helpful and attentive to all my needs. He has always been there to address my concerns. Transitioning from an IBM project to Verizon project is not easy but Rajiv made it happen for me. Rajiv is a career-oriented professional who steers consultants in the right direction. He provides contractors with great leads and follows through on all of them. He is always accessible and a pleasure to work with. If you were looking for a consulting engagement, I would strongly recommend that you contact Rajiv for your next assignment. I have had a great experience working with him and I believe you will too. I wish him all the success.

Haja Solanki - Sr. .NET Consultant - Verizon

Dear Rajiv,

I can't thank you enough for allowing me the opportunity to work for the IBM Dow Chemical account. So far, it is the job of my dreams. I look forward to tackling those difficult technical issues while working from home!!!! I can't believe it.

Thank you for you time, consideration, and patience. I wish you the best!!
Yvette M Hatchett - IBM Network support team

Dear Mr. Rajiv Kandukuri,

I was very fortunate to have you contact me back in 2006. It was a pleasant surprise to receive help, as well as support, from a recruiter who was as supportive, professional and attentive as you.  

You were efficient and prompt in seeing to it that my skills and professional background were matched to the fullest potential. In addition, I saw myself finally being able to start my career in a direction that I actually wanted it to go.

Additionally, you addressed all of my questions and concerns--which were many (from the very start--before being hired to my very first day of actual employment) and you always got back to me promptly via phone and e-mail.

I can honestly say that I had never had the pleasure of working with a recruiter who was so considerate, caring, supportive and especially dedicated to making sure that the job search and eventual job fulfillment was a smooth and more successful one.  

I want to let you know that I am so very grateful for everything you have done for me thus far. With that said, I truly wish the best for you and in all that you will continue to do.

Best regards,
Kofi T. Momoh Jr.

Today is my last day in IIC and I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. It was a great career opportunity and a pleasure to be part of IIC and to work for NavAgility. You always showed me kindness in all the way and set the environment that allowed me to work with my new baby! It's hard to find the right words to thank and say goodbye, but I really mean it.Bye
Stefania - Java/J2EE Developer, Navagility Project, IIC  


Hi Rajiv: Congratulations on your outstanding performance. Best wishes to you in the coming months and years.
Mr. Babu Mandava, CEO

Rajiv is a dedicated professional, committed to not only succeeding but also helping technology professionals make meaningful changes in their careers. He seamessly made the transition from a top performing resource professional to managing delivery of engagements. He is always open to improvement and accepts challenges with enthusiasm and undeterred focus. He is detail oriented manager that thrives on challenges and delivers on every occasion. He is an integral asset to the resourcing team and an important part of their success stories                                                                                                           
Mr. Neeraj Alimchandani, COO & Sr. VP

Rajiv’s role:
1.       Recruit consultants/full time employees for Fortune 100 clients such as IBM, Motorola, AT&T, Verizon, Accenture, etc.
2.       Searching and identifying candidates utilizing databases, employee referrals, Internet, Agencies, sub-contractors.
3.       Performing candidate background reference checks.
4.       Pre-screening, Interviewing, negotiating, Closing, Coaching potential candidates.
5.       Interacting with Recruitment/Marketing Managers for better understanding of the requirements.
6.       Match and successfully place qualified IT candidates in Technologies such as CRM (Peoplesoft, Oracle), SCM (SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft), ERP (SAP, PeopleSoft, Siebel) Object Oriented (JAVA, VC++, C++), Web Developers (Java, .Net, Visual Basic, Websphere), Data warehousing (Informatica, Essbase, Oracle), Lotus Notes Developers/Administrators
7.       Database Specialists/DBAs (Sybase/Oracle/SQL Server), Mainframe Developers, and Project Managers etc.
8.       Updating the Team on emerging technologies.

Rajiv follows the multiple level Recruitment process of assessing Candidates qualification comprising of the following steps:

1)       Educational Qualification check
2)       Communication skills check
3)       Validation of the employment with various clients
4)       Initial Pre-screening of Candidate Skills in relation to the required skills for the job.
5)       Candidate's attitudes, interpersonal skills
6)       Technical screening by subject Matter experts.

Rajiv has been very successful in International Recruiting, finding and recruiting qualified professionals from India, UK, Belgium, Canada for the high-end IT skills.
Rajiv has made several thousands of submissions for various job orders since May 2002. He has successfully recruited over 50 IT professional during the 18 months he has been with us. He is the go-to recruiter for finding quality candidates for skills, which are rare in the Market. He has been very successful in finding highly talented individuals with varied skills (ERP, EAI, Object Oriented, Data Architects/Administrators, Infrastructure Specialists, Network Security). Rajiv has been instrumental in finding qualified candidates within 24 hours of receiving requests even in the case of very rare skills too. Rajiv's Costs per hire has been generally low (Top 5 percentile). We had a specific project for IBM/Avaya for over 40 people with Siebel and SAP skills and Rajiv was able to find over 30 qualified candidates within 24-72 hours of receiving the job order.
Rajiv maintained excellent relationships with the Candidates before joining an assignment and also post joining too. He always ran the extra mile to make sure the candidate was very comfortable at the work place. He would provide all the information about the client, job description and required skills to the candidate before the Interview, Coach the candidate and make sure the candidate is accepted by the client. The candidates are very happy with him for providing a good break and for having identified a project, which is a 100 % match to their skills. This has resulted in Candidates referring other qualified people to Rajiv, which is a testimony of their satisfaction levels.
Recruiter’s ability to influence candidates and hiring managers and peers? 
Recruiter’s ability to negotiate with candidates and hiring managers and peers? 
Recruiter’s ability to manage multiple projects/priorities?
Very good at handling multiple Projects, good planning and Organization skills
Recruiter’s ability to solve problems? 
Recruiter’s ability to make decisions? 
Recruiter’s communication skills?
Rajiv's Written/Verbal/Listening/Inter-personal skills are excellent.
What key values did recruiter bring to the organization?
Rajiv is very dependable, has good work ethics, results driven, ambitious and brings lot of energy into his job.
What attributes do you think made recruiter successful in the role? 
Hard working, never give up attitude                                                                                  
Mr. Sunil Krishnaswamy, VP, Recruitment

Rajiv is a great Resource Delivery Manager to work with. He is prompt, reliable and professional in my dealings with him. Rajiv has very good people skills and demonstrated excellent leadership skills at IIC. I wish Rajiv a continued success and recommend him strongly for any business/professional relationship to have.                                               
Mr. Bhasker Nayini, VP & Technical Director

An articulated, aggressive and work oriented professional who could walk into any organization with his sheer talent. He is very pleasant & a positive attitude guy with a thorough knowledge of intricate details of professional service industry. He is a great addition to any organization.                                                                                                      
Mr. Srikanth Ranganathan Account Manager, IIC

""Rajiv is the most aggressive recruiter I have come across so far in my 4 yrs of recruitment experience. When I came into the company 2 yrs back all I heard was recruiters and recruiting managers talking about Rajiv. The Buzz was how did he find someone in 30 mins. For a recruiter to close one of the toughest requirement in 30 mins and find the ideal candidate he has to be knowledgeable with the technology and should be an expert in boolean logic to frame the keywords for the search. I thought Rajiv possessed all of these qualities. He comes up with the most innovative "Out-of-the-Box" sourcing strategies. Each and every candidate that Rajiv brought into the resource pool for a job requirement is worth a million dollars. He has tons of Recruitment certifications to go with his unique sourcing skills. I strongly recommend Rajiv as a Recruiter and even as a Recruitment manager as he sometimes raises the performance level of each and every team member when the chips are down. I take a bow for his skills in IT Recruitment and wish him good luck"
Mohamed Ali - Technical Recruiter, IIC/Apollo

Rajiv's contribution in placing Thomas Hyer is huge to IIC and its future.  This placement reopens Motorola after a 16-month hiatus due to their poor business climate. I am hopeful that this placement will signal a resurgence in the level of business we used to enjoy at Motorola.  
Thanks to Rajiv and all recruiters who have been struggling tirelessly with this account in the past months. 
Ron Telleysh
Vice President, Western Region

Thanks Rajiv,
As usual when the chips are down for me, you come to the rescue..... thanks a ton...
As always, you and your systems leave me in total admiration of yr work.....
Venkat S Mantha,
Vice President, Indotronix International Corporation

Rajiv is responsible for Full-Life Cycle / End-to-End Recruiting which include:
Sourcing, Technical /Behavioral Screening, Resume Making, Coordinating Interviews, Reference Checking, Offer Negotiation, Closing and Documentation as per the policies, systems and procedures of the organization.
Maintaining candidate’s data as per procedures of the organization.
Rajiv always adapts multiple strategies to source candidates. They include internal Resume Database, networking, cold calling, referrals, Internet resources such as Career Websites, Newsgroups, third party candidates etc.
He has excellent communication and negotiation skills. He is very creative and innovative. He is a very good listener and learner, which really make him the best. He uses his top-notch technical and interviewing skills to source highly qualified candidates. His attitude to ‘succeed and being seen or recognized as best among the peers’ is what drives him to perform and exceed his targets. He is a very hardworking and dependable person.
Rajiv is a quite an enterprising person. He maintains good relationship with everyone in the organization. His colleagues and consultants always speak very high of him. He also has excellent problem solving skills. Whenever he has come to me with a problem, he always brought a solution along.

I wish him the very best.
Kameswar R Tulasi, Recruitment Manager

Thanks for making it happen. Continue the good work.
Account Manager, IIC/Apollo

I have known Rajiv after I joined IIC about a year back. The indelible mark of Rajiv is apparent not only at work but also in less serious and more playful places details of which I prefer not to share. Talking of 360 degree, Rajiv is well rounded. He can lock up at work and open up to friends, with equal ease. I wish him success in all his endeavors.   
Rana S.Gautam - Technical Recruiter                                                              
Indotronix International Corporation/Apollo Consulting

Rajiv is an excellent recruiter and talent scout. The first thing that comes to my mind is the true dedication and passion he has for his work. He loves what he does and works hard to take it to the level of perfection.
I and other Account managers in the company always look at him as a vital team member in supporting our engagements. He not only works to find the best candidates/consultants for the company but also make sure that the consultants understand our company, job responsibilities, culture and other important aspects related to the opportunity they are presented.
Over the last 5 years with the company working as a senior recruiter he has earned the credibility of a subject matter expert and advisor for his exceptional recruitment skills.
Again he is a great asset to our company and I enjoy working with him everyday.
Sumit Bhandari - Account Manager, IIC 

"What do I say about Rajiv....I would like to call him my mentor in the field coz i have learnt all that I know from him, though I doubt if I have done justice to all that he taught me....He has a lot of passion for his work whether it is getting all the information about the requirement; or talking to the candidate; or hunting the managers down to know the status of his candidates, you can always see the guy running around to make things happen...Rajiv knows the in and outs of recruitment life cycle and maybe some more.....He is the go to guy for the hardest and rarest skills; has excellent command over his language and is very confident when talking to candidates or clients....Rajiv has very good managerial skills and would be an excellent addition to any team that he joins and I would vouch for him any day...."
Anup S Pillai, Technical Recruiter - IIC/Apollo

To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is my personal recommendation for Rajiv Kandukuri. I have known Rajiv for several years. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Rajiv has worked with me as a Technical recruiter for the past five years. His responsibilities have included hiring and placing qualified IT candidates at various positions with our clients. He has established an outstanding rapport with everybody he has been in touch with. His ability to source the right candidates has been outstanding. Rajiv is organized, thorough in his paperwork, and is always on time.  
At IIC we continually recognize employees who seek more than a career. They are looking to make their mark in the IT industry. They come with dreams of high success and are willing to work hard. However, the IT industry is quite competitive and often tough to break into. Many with high hopes don’t survive the pressure. Others seem to handle pressure well, but lack creativity, guts or discipline. There is also a great need for these individuals to remain focused on the “big picture” and lead the company toward its goals.
Lastly, one must continue to grow and improve personally and professionally to reach the top. We recognize that Rajiv possesses many/all of these necessary qualities to succeed in this tough business. I have closely watched him develop into a fine leader. Additionally, Rajiv‘s desire to stay at the top of his game is clear as he consistently offers a fresh perspective and creative approach to projects.
The thing that impresses me the most about Rajiv is that he is constantly looking for new challenges, skill building and developing a resourceful network of colleagues that respect and admire him.
It is my belief that Rajiv will truly succeed in this industry by diminishing his shortcomings and improving his talents. I am confident that Rajiv will be an asset to any organization.
Rajan Bala -
VP – IIC/Apollo